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    Hot Products / Strategic partner
    2016 - 10 - 25
    People are our most valuable resourceWe act as a team, individual heroism is not rewardedEmployees must be honest, upright, responsible and maintain the highest standards of ethical beh...

    Li Xiaohong

    Li Xiaohong


    Li Xiaohong is a partner in Co-Stone, is in charge of TMT investment, he is based in Shenzhen.

    Prior to joining Co-Stone, Mr. Li was the product director in Huawei, he has conducted the investment in JLU CDI, Yanhu Lanke Lithium, SenseTime, Kclear, Royole and OceanPayment.

    Mr. Li was graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) with Master of Engineering.

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